With only a few weeks to go until our little boy’s arrival, we have finished adding in the last few details in the nursery. I have washed all his clothes, set up the shelf decor, made his cot up and got everything right so it is ready for him when he comes home. I have loved every minute of putting the nursery together over the last few months, (though I’ve changed my mind several times!) and I am so excited to finally show it off!


I knew that I wanted a nursery that felt calm and relaxing, as well as something that wasn’t too overdressed so that baby Ng could grow into as he got older. I’ve always loved the idea of woodland animals – there are so many gorgeous items that you can buy with that theme in mind that is done in a modern, sophisticated way. I’ve collected many items through the months that I knew would be perfect for when the time came to put it all together!







We knew we wanted to keep everything to a budget, but we also didn’t want to feel like we were missing out on purchasing our own things. We cut corners by buying some of the big ticket items second hand and waiting for sales on others. We really picked what we wanted to spend money on, and what we could cut corners on but get the same look. We stuck with a mostly neutral nursery, with a Scandinavian feel, pops of patterns and color to break it up. I really love what we’ve achieved and it’s my favourite room in the house. I can’t wait to bring our baby boy home to see if he likes it!


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  • Do you have a baby changing table can’t see one , baby wipes cotton not supermarket ones have to many chemicals in them, cause to many nappie rashes, just always have a bowl of boiled water cooled down help to prevent nappie rash with cotton wipes. Do you have special sleeping bags fit the at night as these days they don’t recon end sapping them up at all they just sleep I it with their pjs, causes their hips to fall out, everything has changed so much since we all had our children Stella

    • Hi Stella! Yes we have a change table, it wasn’t that interesting so no photo. We have all natural baby wipes, so no issue with rashes. And we have plenty of grow bags & swaddles for him. I’ve read about some bags pulling hips out so I’ve done my research 🙂