Growing By One Big Surprise!

Yep, our official announcement. This mama, papa & baby bird are expecting baby number 2 in September!


Last year we’d discussed what kind of age gap we wanted for our babies, and we couldn’t see any issues with having them close together. Essentially I had the last say, since I would be the baby vessel. Would I be able to handle another pregnancy so soon? How would I manage with a young baby and morning sickness? At the end of the day, having a baby sooner than later worked best for us so it didn’t matter with what the outcome was.

When we got back from Hong Kong, I had the worst cold, and it sort of hung around for a few weeks, and then I started experiencing some very obvious symptoms that I had with Cal, which prompted me to test. Needless to say I got the shock of my life when the test came up positive, I actually thought I’d taken it wrong! Haha. I packed Cal into the pram and set out in search of a better test preferably one with a conception indicator because I had NO idea how far along I was. I found out the next week after I hastily booked in with my OB that I was 7 weeks! We were pretty shocked, but happy that everything was fine. My OB and his receptionist were over the moon to see us again as Cal was much bigger, so he got some extra cuddles 😀




I am nearly into my 14th week and so far everything is perfect according to the 12 week ultrasound I had last Thursday. I’m so much more tired this time around and my ligament & back pain has started much earlier than expected. I shouldn’t complain too much, this is going to be my last pregnancy so I am trying to enjoy it whilst I can, even the bad parts!

We are so excited for Cal, we know he’s going to be the best big brother ever, and can’t wait to start our journey as a family of 4! Stay tuned as we’ll be doing a gender announcement in a few weeks!

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