20 Weeks To Go!

I’m finding it really hard to believe that 20 weeks have already come and gone, and that in less than 20 weeks, we’ll be meeting our little ‘fish’! We don’t have much to prepare as we have most things left over from Cal, but a few new things like swaddles, sleeping bags & bibs are still on my list as Cal’s old ones are looking a bit on the rough side. Haha

I feel more pregnant than I ever did with Cal. He was a small baby right from the start anyway, but judging by my previous ultrasounds this pregnancy, this bub looks like he/she is growing right on track! We have the morphology scan this coming week too, so we’re excited to see a gorgeous face and confirm the gender! Which by the way, I will be doing a seperate blog post for the reveal so stay tuned!!

Just a few facts I’ve been taking notice with this pregnancy:

  • I am SO much more tired. Actually, exhausted. Cal’s an easy allrounder baby, so he’s not much trouble, but just doing normal things tire me out more than last time!
  • Emotional. Oh god. Don’t get me started.
  • Sleeping is TERRIBLE. I can’t nap during the day, I just dose in and out and it makes me even more tired. I am waking up a 3am everyday, and then awake at 6am when the little prince decides he wants some cuddles 🙂
  • I’m eating for the whole family. Snack, snack snack. This baby sure loves food!
  • Im craving sweet foods, as well as lots of carbs.
  • Baby started kicking properly around 19 weeks, before then I just felt flutters and little pops.
  • I can’t do certain things will Cal anymore, like get him in and out of the bath. ‘Someone’ happens to get in the way and stops me from bending. Haha
  • My skin is so incredibly dry. I feel like I need to take a bath in vaseline to get some hydration back!
  • We are 50/50 on what we think this baby is. With Cal, I was 99% sure he was a boy. This time, no idea, though I am leaning towards a boy again! We shall see!

Keep an eye on my instagram as I will be posting a lot of pics of ‘fish’ once we’ve had our ultrasound! Can’t wait to meet our second little munchkin!

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