Cal Turns One!

Cal is now my big boy! He turned the big ONE on Wednesday the 26th July, and Kane took the day off work to spend it with us both. We went out for lunch, and then we headed to the museum for the afternoon! We only stayed for just over an hour as Cal got so excited he fell asleep in the middle of it haha. He throughly enjoyed the dinosaurs, his little legs kept flapping against my sides when we got close to them.

We almost didn’t go as Cal had been having a few fevers earlier in the week which we thought was to do with teething. Unfortunately, it turned into a rash over the course of the next few days so we had to make a quick stop at the GP where we found out it was viral 🙁 I had to let everyone know with small babies and children that it could be passed on so there were less people at his party than we had intended. BUT, we still had a really great time, and Cal enjoyed himself even though he wasn’t 100%.

I am SO happy with how everything turned out, my mum came down and helped me during the week with looking after Cal as I was suffering the absolute worst ligament pain – which has thankfully gone now – and helped me bake up a storm so we wouldn’t have hungry party goers! 🙂 I went with a woodland/neutral theme for Cal’s birthday, using gold, green and wood accents. I’m even more happy that we got some great photos to remember it by! So scroll on if you want to see more!











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