Edith Rose Birth Story

Back Story:

As like last time, there were a few blog posts I had planned to write before the birth, but alas, time and energy got the better of me and I decided to take a break from a lot of social media and try to relax for my last few weeks of pregnancy.

A few issues cropped up in the last 6-7 weeks of pregnancy anyway and I found myself back on the monitoring and ultrasound train again as it was suspected that little fishy was going to be small just like her brother Cal. Luckily, after a few weeks, it was noted that growth was continuing although slow, and didn’t need any further action. I did however, end up in the ED twice due to severe pain that couldn’t be explained as all my tests were clear. I was positive it was some sort of muscle/ligament & it suddenly stopped after 34 weeks.

The Birth:

Early in the morning of the 12th September, 2017 we left for the hospital for my c-section. I literally had gotten no sleep the night before due to that pesky restless leg syndrome and being super uncomfortable – plus the nerves hit really bad and I was anxious as I knew what to expect once I got there.

I was the first patient to be admitted into surgery that day, so I would have my baby girl by 9am! We went through all the paperwork that needed to be signed, and I had a last minute check up by the theatre nurses to make sure I was okay health wise. Once I had the all clear, I was sent into theatre for prep where I got the horrible cannula in my hand and lastly the spinal. The cannula actually hurt more than the spinal! Weird huh! Once I met everyone in the theatre, it was like dejavu! It was mostly full of the people who had been there when Cal was born! And they remembered us! So it made me super comfortable knowing I was in great hands.

Birth 1

Once the familiar feeling of the numbness rushed through my lower body, and I wasn’t able to feel my legs, the sheet went up and the work began! There was a lot of tugging and pulling, as little fish was lodged very well into my pelvis, and in less than 10 minutes Edith Rose Ng was born! Born at 8.32am,  3.38kg, & 52cm long. My first thought when the sheet was dropped and I got to see Edith for the first time, was, OMG she’s the spitting image of Cal when he was held up to me! It was crazy! A tiny human with a mass of black hair, a little body all covered in white vernix – she was gorgeous. I shed a few tears as she was taken over to the other side of the theatre to be wrapped up, before she was finally given to me to hold. The next thing I noticed about her was that she had a very good set of lungs and wanted to show everyone how to use them! For such a small little thing, she sure has a big voice.

Birth 2

Birth 3

Birth 4

Birth 6

Birth 10

Birth 11

Birth 12

Birth 14

I was wheeled into recovery where the side effects from the spinal kicked in (itching on the face, and shivering uncontrollably but you aren’t cold). Fortunately, it didn’t last as long as last time because the spinal was wearing off quite fast (with Cal, I couldn’t feel my legs until the next day) and I could already move my legs a little. Edith was bought over to me but because I was shaking so much, i felt I couldn’t feed her properly – so they gave her some EBM from me via a syringe which she hungrily took. I don’t remember much that happened after that, except that we were taken up to a shared room until a private room became available. At the time I was pretty woozy and extremely tired, but i could feel a lot of sharp pain in my incision which became unbearable, and they had to give me morphine.

Birth 15

Not long after that, we were moved to a private room and we settled in for the rest of the day. I don’t recall what happened after that, but once Kane left to go home to our little munchkin man, I was left with Edi by my side and at the mercy of the midwives to help me with taking care of her as I physically couldn’t move. This had been one of my biggest worries, (apart from leaving my little man for at least 4 days – which killed me) that I would have a screaming baby less than a metre away in a bassinet, and the midwives wouldn’t come quick enough to get whatever she needed & there’d be nothing I could do.

Birth 18

Birth 17

Luckily, they were reasonably quick, and there wasn’t too much fuss, however it was a very long & sleepless night. Edi HATED sleeping in her bassinet, and would last 10 minutes before she’d start crying. It came to a point in the night where I was able to pull the bassinet closer to my bed, sit my bed up and reach in to carefully take her out. She was much happier and content in my arms, and we got a bit more sleep than if I had left her in there. This continued for the next 3 nights I was in hospital – I used my long pregnancy pillow and made a U shape around me with the railing up so there was no way she would move or fall out. Apart from getting out for nappy changes, she was able to have open access to the ‘milk bar’ and it saved me energy by not constantly getting out of bed. A few midwives made comments that if i got too tired, that I may drop her and she was better in the bassinet. And whilst this could happen – I made the decision to stick with what I was doing as I was deliriously tired anyway from feeding every hour, and I just wanted to rest and not have to worry about her crying all the time.

Speaking of feeding, Edith is quite the hungry girl! She was able to bring my milk in by day 3, but on day 4, it just wasn’t enough and we had to resort to a formula top up as she would not stop screaming for milk. I’ve never been one to worry about how a baby is fed, as long as its fed, and it was a total shock to me that we had to firmly request a top up (which was never suggested as an option) , as well as sign paperwork saying we agreed to do so. I understand hospitals like to promote breastfeeding – but not at the expense of a clearly hungry baby. That was my only gripe this time with my stay.

I was hoping and praying I would be discharged early this time as there were no complications. A usual stay for a private patient is 5 days, so i was lucky to go a day earlier which was fantastic! My OB said as long as I am happy to go, I could. It was then he mentioned to me that during surgery, when they cut down to my uterus, they could literally see Edi’s hands and feet swiping across it because my uterus was so thin & translucent. If i had have gone into labour before my c-section, it could have ruptured and that would be pretty bad. So it is very likely Edith is my last baby sadly 🙁

Once we returned home, it was a bit of a mixed up few days as Edi adjusted to her new home. But has now settled right in, and is happy to sleep by herself in her bassinet without much fuss. Cal has taken an interest in his new sister and smiles and claps when she is bought to him, and he loves to watch her being bathed. He is such an inquisitive little man now, so I want him to feel as included as possible, even though sometimes its hard as I still cannot lift him. I tried putting him to bed the other night, and whilst I was successful, my body clearly wasn’t ready and definitely let me know.  I can’t wait until I can be more physical with him – I know he wonders why I won’t do something I usually would and it gets me down.

I just have to get through the next few weeks, and then with a bit of luck, everything will be back to normal and we can start getting some sort of routine in place!


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