3 Months Old!

And just like that, my little squish is 3 months old already! How crazy that time has just flown by!

Edith has grown so much in the last few months, I am actually really surprised at how quickly she is developing compared to Cal. I mean Cal was premature, and he’s still a little behind in things now, but she is as big as he was when he was 5 months old! She’s rapidly outgrowing all her clothes, (even Cal’s hand me downs) so it’s a real eye opener! But she’s so lovely though, she loves to smile, gaze at me, and have some early morning chats. Let’s just say she’s a real mummy’s girl at the moment!

Edi 10

I’ll admit though, the last few months have been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and a lot of time has been spent adjusting to going from a family of 3 to a family of 4. I was under no impression that having two babies under 2 years old was going to be easy, in fact I knew it would be difficult and there would be times that I would struggle. I’ve always been fairly cool headed, but adding a newborn (who didn’t sleep well and had reflux) along with a needy toddler and its fair to say this mumma was under a bit of stress!

Thankfully, Edi has settled down a lot since she was born. She was diagnosed with reflux at around 6 weeks when she was at her worst. She cried a lot, didn’t sleep at all during the day, and was just drinking huge amounts constantly (which is a dead giveaway). She’s now on a thickened formula and we have hardly any issues with vomiting or screaming anymore. Apart from the really stinky farts she does, thats about it haha. Her sleeping has improved. I got so desperate, I bought a baby program to follow and what do you know, she’s taken to it like a duck to water. Still has her moments, but at least she is getting to know the drill. I’ll do a separate post about what program we are using very soon!

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So here we go. Some fast facts about Edi that we’ve learnt in the last 3 months:

  1. She lovessss cuddles. I used to call her my little peanut when she was born, as she was most comfortable on my chest. She’d curl herself up into a ball sideways – like a peanut.
  2. She’s a big sticky beak. She likes to know whats going on, and from a very early age, we’d have to hold her head close to us as she’d bobble it out to see what was going on!
  3. She loves bathtime. She wasn’t so keen as a newborn, but now that she knows its nice and warm and she gets a massage after, its not so bad after all!
  4. Forever trying to get my attention. She shouts at me, sort of like a fake cry. So I’ll turn to look at her, and there she is cooing and smiling. If I’m not in her view, she starts whinging. She’s my own personal surveillance camera. I don’t get any peace! haha
  5. She does really, and I mean REALLY stinky farts. They are so bad, if she does one in a shopping centre, she leave a trail of stinky fart smell behind her and then I’m moving as quickly as possible so people don’t think its me!! She thinks it’s hilarious though when I tell her how stinky she is.
  6. Likes to gaze at me. As above, she’s a sucker for her mum.
  7. Adores Cal to no end. Cal has been pretty good with Edi, he’ll come say hello, but thats it he’s happy to do his own thing and leave her be. Edi just loves staring at him, and smiling at him when he’s happy and laughing. It’s quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. So I know she’s going to follow him around like a puppy when she’s older!
  8. Hates it when we’re late with milk. And she has the lungs to get us moving!
  9. Hates being tired. All babies do, but Edi is a monster when she’s overtired so I try to avoid it at all costs!
  10. Found her hands. She discovered these ‘things’ attached to her arms a week or two ago and she is constantly sucking on them. Her swaddle has wet patches on the arms from where she’s woken up during the night and gave them a good chew before going back to sleep.

So there we go! She’s just the cutest little thing, and I’m secretly loving all the cute girl things I can get for her. I still buy Cal a lot of things, but there’s just a million times more things for girls. It’s coming up very quickly to Christmas, and I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with my munchkins and doing lots of Christmassy activities with them!

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