Cal’s 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Cal’s 2nd Birthday over the weekend, and we chose his favourite tv show – Thomas The Tank Engine as the theme. Needless to say his reaction to seeing the whole set up was pretty cute. He LOVES Thomas so much, we bought him his own train table with tracks, stations & a whole bunch of Thomas & Friends wooden railway trains for his Birthday. He spends ages playing with it so we know it will get some long term use! Even Edi loves to get up and run the train on the tracks!

We had over 20 people and children here so our house for the party so it was a little busy, but Cal had a great time welcoming everyone in, and playing with his little friends. It was a great chance for myself to catch up with people I hadn’t been able to chat to in awhile since we’ve been so busy! I didn’t get many photos of the actual party as it was just too crowded to use a camera, but I took some shots before everyone arrived with the family. I’ve literally spent weeks organising this party and I can say I’m glad I wont have to do one for a few years! It’s beyond stressful, well for me anyway as I’m a perfectionist and I just wanted the best for my little guy so its my own fault really! haha

I just can’t believe Cal is two. Like where did the time go!? But honestly, he has grown up into the cutest, sweetest little boy, and he is so helpful and loving towards us and his little sister. They are like two peas in a pod, don’t go anywhere without the other. They get mistaken for twins SO much, and you’d think that was ridiculous as they are 14 months apart, but you can’t really tell as Edi is about the same height and weight as him!

So enjoy a few little snaps of the day, although tiring, I know Cal was very appreciative Thomas was everywhere!

Cal is 2 -6

Cal is 2 -36

Cal is 2 -5

Cal is 2 -2

Cal is 2 -1

Cal is 2 -13

Cal is 2 -16

Cal is 2 -25

Cal is 2 -7


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