3 Months Old!

And just like that, my little squish is 3 months old already! How crazy that time has just flown by!

Edith has grown so much in the last few months, I am actually really surprised at how quickly she is developing compared to Cal. I mean Cal was premature, and he’s still a little behind in things now, but she is as big as he was when he was 5 months old! She’s rapidly outgrowing all her clothes, (even Cal’s hand me downs) so it’s a real eye opener! But she’s so lovely though, she loves to smile, gaze at me, and have some early morning chats. Let’s just say she’s a real mummy’s girl at the moment!

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Edith’s Newborn Photoshoot

As this time around we are a little time poor when it comes to going out – We decided to skip getting professional photos done of Edi as a newborn, and I decided to put my photography skills to the test and take my own! Whilst I’m still a beginner in the land of photography,…

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Edith Rose Birth Story

Back Story: As like last time, there were a few blog posts I had planned to write before the birth, but alas, time and energy got the better of me and I decided to take a break from a lot of social media and try to relax for my last few weeks of pregnancy. A…

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Cal Turns One!

Cal is now my big boy! He turned the big ONE on Wednesday the 26th July, and Kane took the day off work to spend it with us both. We went out for lunch, and then we headed to the museum for the afternoon! We only stayed for just over an hour as Cal got…

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