What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Now that we’re getting down to the wire, I thought I had better start packing my hospital bag in case little fish decides to make an early appearance! I remember with Cal I packed so much stuff I thought I would need according to those checklists you download online, but half of it went unused…

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20 Weeks To Go!

I’m finding it really hard to believe that 20 weeks have already come and gone, and that in less than 20 weeks, we’ll be meeting our little ‘fish’! We don’t have much to prepare as we have most things left over from Cal, but a few new things like swaddles, sleeping bags & bibs are…

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Growing By One Big Surprise!

Yep, our official announcement. This mama, papa & baby bird are expecting baby number 2 in September! Hooray! Last year we’d discussed what kind of age gap we wanted for our babies, and we couldn’t see any issues with having them close together. Essentially I had the last say, since I would be the baby vessel….

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